Cultural sharing or unavoidable step to give substance to his life project in France, learning French and Tibetan is at the heart of the activities we offer.

The French courses, both on-site and online via Zoom and Jitsi Meet application, are taught by volunteers. 

Classes are free of charge. An annual membership starting at 5 euros is required from the 2nd class onwards.

The Khata Karpo association offers to Tibetan people and children, lessons to improve written Tibetan language online using Zoom application.

The class is voluntarily given by Chabdak Lhamo Kyab, our vice-president.

Lessons are free.

A 5 euros annual subscription is however necessary from the 2nd lesson onwards.

KHATAKARPO  cours tibétain pour francophone

The Khata Karpo association offers French-speaking people the opportunity to learn spoken and written Tibetan online via the Zoom application, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Membership of the association and a monthly contribution of 20 euros are required for participation in a weekly course.

NEWS : Our volunteer teacher is on vacation, so Tibetan classes will be suspended for the month of August.
Classes will resume in September.
Information on these courses will be published on this site before classes resume.